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Grand Opening in Houston/Galveston!04-Mar-2014

We have offically opened up our 2nd office in the Houston / Galveston area! With y..

923 Grouse Rd in Glenn Heights TX 7515419-Dec-2013

SOLD!!! Brand New home located in Glenn Heights,Tx. MLS..


Welcome to Jakes Realty Group

The reason we are here is because of you. We will do everything in our power to help you achieve the goal of home ownership or lease or sale of your current property. We do Residential and Commercial properties. We sell land and offer new construction on vacant land. Existing home sales are very much our specialty but at the same time we are have new builds and relationships with many large and small but excellent builders as well. If you need to sell to buy then we can help on both ends.

Thank you for stopping by our site to be informed of the possibilities that exist for you. Some of you need to lease for a year before you are able to purchase and we are superior at locating you a home or an apartment to keep you and your family safe while you prepare to build your nest. Our site has a preview of homes that are up to date searches. We pay for the best and the most accurate information and our services have a minimal charge for the costs and the administrative processing that it takes to have such advancements. This is a very volatile market so what is available today may not be available tomorrow. When you incorporate  our services we do our best around your schedule and ours to have you the correct documents and representation and the proper legal procedure to make your experience as smooth as possible. You do play a huge part in your own success and the success of your family.

May God bless you as you seek and find your new home.

Jakes Realty Group LLC staff